Our Approach

Implants act as a foundation for the placement of a fixed set of natural looking restorations. Non-removable teeth are fixed permanently on four implants, making All-on-4™ a financially reasonable, stable, and reliable solution for patients with missing teeth.

Many patients who may not have been candidates for implants in the past, due to complex bone grafting requirements and high costs of these procedures as well as the placement of large numbers of implants (generally 8-10), can often undergo this treatment due to the unique placement of 2 posterior implants at a 45 degree angle, along with conventional implant placement (usually 2 implants) in the front of the mouth. Use of angulated implants in the back of the mouth overcomes the problem of height/volume deficiencies by avoiding enlarged sinuses, often without major bone grafting procedures.

All-on-4™ treatment protocol maintains high rates of success with satisfying aesthetic and functional results.

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